creative|legal is an arts, entertainment and creative industries legal firm, with offices in both Perth and Melbourne, Australia, serving all creative activities.

creative|legal is Australia’s only “bi-coastal” entertainment legal firm, and is a dedicated, specialist arts, entertainment and creative industries law service for Western Australia.

creative|legal works with a wide range of clients, from emerging artists and producers to established production companies and arts businesses. It is a young and dynamic legal firm, and its lawyers have extensive experience in arts, entertainment and creative industries – as well as in the wider commercial and corporate legal environment.
The firm's unique ability is to offer specialised and professional legal services to the arts and creative industries - and now in Perth.

"We're entertainment lawyers..."

'Henry & Aaron' are talented clients who've helped us out with a very entertaining promo, poking fun at the legal profession but with the serious message that in arts and creative industries, you want the right expertise. And just to avoid any confusion, it's them and not us in it!

You can see more great client work in the Clients section of our site, including new works, upcoming events and project links.