creative|legal has provided advice and services on these projects...

'These Final Hours' (Perth-shot feature film)

Mantra (Melbourne MC)

'The Turning' (Tim Winton TV-series adaptation)

'SONG' (innovative new work by Ranters Theatre)

WritingWA logo   

'Hunter - For The  Record' (WA hip-hop doco)

'James Teague' (Perth musician)

Mike Wylie (rock'n'roll photographer)

'Red Dog' (Australian feature film)

DecoGlide™ (design innovation)

'Mad Bastards' (Australian feature film)

'Blame' (Australian indie feature film)

'Transmission' (short film)

'' (kids TV)

Urban Reforestation (urban sustainability)

The Traveller (design innovation)

Bubbler Deals (family deals site)

Desert Feet Tour (not-for-profit music)

'Tinglewood' (award winning short)

The Morning Night (band)

Voltaire Twins (band)

AMIN (Australian Music Industry Network)

Hudson – Against The Grain (video), animation by Dropbear


The Morning Night – Calm Me Down (video)