Michael Tucak is an Independent in the Cottesloe By-Election

Michael Tucak, Principal Lawyer at creative|legal, is an Independent candidate in the 2018 Cottesloe By-Election on 17 March 2018.



Michael is willing to stand behind his belief that the Cottesloe electorate needs to be properly represented in the WA Parliament, and to offer this to voters who feel the same - and not just complain about it until 2021!

Michael believes his corporate, legal and board skills - and his ongoing commitment to his "home turf" - will be invaluable in the WA Parliament. 

Michael Tucak LOGO

Michael Tucak says:

"Cottesloe Electorate needs a local member whose primary goal is to represent and improve the electorate's eight communities (not just the internal interests of a political party), someone who is capable of doing so, and who has demonstrated all this in their actions so far. I humbly believe I offer these things, and ask for your vote - VOTE "1" TUCAK.

Michael's 5 Key Actions for Cottesloe Electorate, if you elect him are:

1. Immediate trial of shark protection technology from Port to City Beach
2. Completion of 'Principal Shared Path' Cottesloe-Mosman Pk by 2021
3. Resolving Curtin Avenue congestion and rail crossings as a priority  
4. State Government "Cottesloe Beach Renewal" support to create jobs
5. Allow innovative re-use of existing housing to address density & in-fill

Cottesloe Electorate area: North Fremantle, Mosman Park, Cottesloe, Peppermint Grove, Swanbourne, Mt Claremont, Claremont (west of Bay Road/Victoria Ave) and City Beach south of Oceanic Drive. SEE MAP

More about Michael - and visit his Facebook Page for campaign news:

  • Cottesloe Councillor - East Ward
  • Former "Cottesloe Village" Chair 
  • Board Member, Chamber of Arts & Culture (WA)
  • Former Board Member, Artrage ("FringeWorld")
  • Former Board Member & Chair, "RTRFM 92.1"
  • Corporate/Commercial & IP Lawyer (20+ years)

(All this page authorised by Michael Tucak, Railway Street, Cottesloe WA 6011)