Michael Tucak (B.Sc., LL.B., MEI)

Michael is an enthusiast of the arts, and he is philanthropic in his approach to arts and creative industries. He is also a skilled and experienced arts and entertainment lawyer over a 15 year career.

Starting his career in commercial law in Perth, he also began a long stint co-hosting a local music radio show on RTRFM in Perth - this mixture of a regular involvement in the music scene and legal work by day saw his trajectory move strongly in the direction of the arts.

“I never looked back”, he tweeted. “I committed my skills to #arts”.

Michael has worked in both top-tier and mid-tier legal firms (Blake Dawson in Perth and Herbert Geer in Melbourne), but has focussed on the specialised ‘boutique’ sector - several years before beer and cider industries started doing the same. Work with renowned WA intellectual property and technology firm Garton Smith \ Owen, in creative Fremantle, and its Perth offshoot Owen Legal + Corporate gave him a duality of creative and commercial skill - intellectual property in arts and tech, alongside stock market floats and M+A.

“It was a dream come true, like mixing Bon Iver with First Aid Kit”.

After a shift to the east coast, he worked at record label SonyBMG, including DVD projects, but was lured to Melbourne by a Masters at the Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship, where he later joined Mushroom Music / Mushroom Pictures. After a scholarship to study a successful university technology ‘spin-out’ program in the Netherlands, he established creative|legal in Melbourne in 2008, and Perth in 2012.

“It was fantastic”, he said – or so the photos on Facebook suggest.

Michael carries a commitment to assisting and supporting arts and creative industries – “I use my skills for good: for creative success”.

Other Roles

Michael currently sits on the Board of Perth-based interdisciplinary tactical media arts group PVI Collective, and was until 2013 a Board Member and Secretary of the Emerging Writers' Festival. Until July 2014, he was co-manager of East Fremantle 5-piece landscape rock band, The Morning Night and co-presenter of '90s revival show 'Siamese Dream' on RTRFM 92.1, both reflecting his longstanding love of indie rock. Since stepping down from both roles due to the demands of a growing legal practice, he has rediscovered vinyl records.

Michael Tucak

High Fives

  • Films

    'The Big Lebowski' (Joel Coen) - Jeff Bridges as The Dude

    'When We Were Kings' (Leon Gast) - incredible 'Ali' doco

    'Noise' (Matt Saville) - great sound design, a strong story

    'L'Annulaire' (Diane Bertrand) - a rare Beth Gibbons score

    'Baraka' (Ron Fricke) - "silently" mesmering, transporting

  • Vinyl

    'Bon Iver' (Bon Iver) - beautiful, piercing and deftly written

    'What You Need' (Randa &The Soul Kingdom) - funk-soul!

    'Dead Man' (Neil Young) - incredible soundtrack to the film

    'Meiso' (DJ Krush) - a seminal work from a tireless master

    'The Lion's Roar' (First Aid Kit) - still their best work so far

  • Books (Print)

    'Cloudstreet' (Tim Winton) - says so much about where I'm from

    'The Tall Man' (Chloe Hooper) - well told, and needed to be told

    'Looks Who's Morphing' (Tom Cho) - hilarious, clever, rock'n'roll

    'Utopian Man' (Lisa Lang) - Mr E.W Cole, well ahead of his time

    'Stoner' (John Edward Williams) - touching, gentle and 'ordinary'