Michael’s key practice areas and skills are as follows...

Music industry

Publishing, recording and artist management agreementsand advice , licensing/synchronisation.

Film and TV

Copyright protection, development agreements and funding, production chain of title and opinions, co-production agreements, production investment documentation and investor materials, distribution and licensing/broadcast agreements.

Digital and online

Rights protection, rights clearance and agreements, development documentation,co-production agreements, financing agreements, user generated content terms, third party/end user agreements, licensing terms.

Design and visual

Rights protection, design and patent protection, artist-gallery agreements, commission agreements and public artworks, design manufacture and distribution terms.


Concept protection, confidentiality and non-disclosure, co-founder documentation, financing and development agreements, company incorporation and shareholders agreements, governance and compliance.


Print and written

Original rights protection and management, publication agreements, defamation and privacy.


Not-for-profit incorporation and status, tax concession advice, deductible gift recipient status application.

Intellectual property

Copyright advice, trademarks and domain names, designs, patent availability and protection.


Trade practices, employment and contracting agreements, privacy and 'spam', business or asset sales.


Company incorporation, share issues and transfers, fundraising and disclosure, corporations compliance.


Preliminary claims advice, letters of demand, pre-litigation dispute resolution and claims.